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Thai Body Massage

Thai massage applies the pressure on specific points to relieve pain, stretch and loosen tightened muscles. A choice of light, medium and hard pressure is available to meet different personal preference. A full course of Thai Body Massage normally takes two hours for the entire of your body and it's best!

450 THB : 60 mins | 800 THB : 120 mins

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Aromatherapy Body Massage

Aromatherapy body massage gently applies aroma oil through the body while having the massage. A variety of aroma oil scents, such as Lavender, Nerori, White Tea and Eucalyptus is available for your selection and it helps to moisturize your skin. It will sink you into deep relax and your skin will feel fresh and soft after finished.

1,000 THB : 60 mins | 1,800 THB : 120 mins

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Thai Herbal Ball Body Massage

Thai herbal ball body massage uses high quality herbs such as Plai root, tamarind leaf, turmeric, bergamot peel, camphor and lemongrass wrapped into a Thai style ball-shape cotton. It is then steamed and applied directly to the whole of your body. It helps to reduce muscle contraction and ligament muscle inflammation. The heat from the herbal ball will better body blood circulation.

900 THB : 90 mins | 1,200 THB : 120 mins

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Head-Back-Shoulder Massage

Special type of Thai massage which specifically focus on the head, back and shoulder. Firm pressure combined with special kneading methods will be applied and aim to relieve fatigue and tension built-up on those specific areas.

450 THB : 60 mins | 600 THB : 90 mins

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Foot Massage

Foot massage is the best after a long walking day. Firm pressure is applied to every single part of the foot and up to the knee. It helps to release fatigue and stretch muscle in the foot that will make you feel more comfortable. More importantly, foot massage also help stimulating the blood circulation.

450 THB : 60 mins | 600 THB : 90 mins

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Store Locations


Perception Blind Massage was first launched in December 2014, with an aim of introducing new massage concept to Bangkok while providing employment for the blind or visually impaired therapists. We let them demonstrate their unique talent for massage therapy as they are able to fully focus their sense of touch in a way others cannot.

Our dark tone interior design concept is inspired by the disability of our therapists – you cannot see but can still feel it – while still making you feel comfortable, serene and allowing you to sink into the deeper state of relaxation. 

We are located on two locations – Sathorn Soi 8 Road and Silom Soi 8 Road in Bangkok.

At Perception, we value every single individual equally regardless of their conditions. We do believe everyone has talent and we provide an opportunity to be able to demonstrate it. We are proud and glad that our little space here is able to help to improve quality of life for people.


Thank you for supporting Perception Blind Massage.


We would like to thank you our customers from around the world. Your smiles always keep us smiles.

“Best Massage Ever. I am so relaxed. I took a 60min Thai Massage and 60min Head, Shoulder, Back Massage. It was really the best massage I ever had in my life. I had a lot of Thai Massages, but this one was special. Thank you”

Dazlious, Berlin Germany   

“Best Place. I found this place this is the best massage and they really can feel where the spot I needed to focus on. I definitely will be back in this place and I highly recommend the best place, best staff very welcoming and very friendly people.”

Johandevreinth, Brussels Belgium   

“It’s very clean, the staff are very welcoming. The masseurs were very thorough and with the relaxed lighting. It was a super experience. I can thoroughly recommend this place, and it’s great they are providing opportunities for vision impaired workers."

Flyinspanner, London UK   

Contact Us

Perception Blind Massage

Bangkok , Sathorn

+66 (0) 82 222 5936

Perception Blind Massage

Chiang Mai, Thapae

+66 (0) 95 582 6024

Perception Blind Massage

Bangkok , Silom

+66 (0) 99 115 6669